school n work


well, since this is my first blog, i’m sure i should have something profound to say, but I really don’t. Albatross! There. I am at my mid session break in Calculus, suppose I should go back. “blech”

Just printed out 4 copies of my Comp. paper. 80 PAGES!!!! I feel like I am carrying a novel around in my folder now. This had better get passing with distinction on the first submission, cause I don’t want to have to print it all out again!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “hey!

  1. hey andy!! 😉 Al USE to blog with me… but he doesn’t anymore = Lucky Dodo. hehe

    Well, take care of my tai kwan dodo for me. 😉 I’m going back to work hehehe

  2. hehe YELLO andy!! hhaha welcome welcome! and ai 80pgs?! close enough to be a novel! haha…. don’t to out with the 80pgs if it’s windy! @_@

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