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when can people learn to …

back up their stuff!!! i have this woman come crying to me telling me her floppy is screwed. the floppy contains the only copy of her dissertation which is due friday. she looks like is in her 40s and was literrally sobbing wishing me to restore her dissertation for her. i couldn’t. i sent her to the school main computer lab.. they have more sophisicated software there to help in this kind of situations.

i don’t know how many times people lose their stuff because they DO NOT back them up. seriously, working in the computer lab for so long, please take my advice, DO NOT TRUST any machines, back up as much and as often as you can!!! when you start a blank file, first go to file -> save as -> give it a name. always prefer saving it to a PC hard drive than any auxiliary devices. and save every 3 minutes or at least be very very alert about saving. make sure you have AT LEAST two copies of ANY IMPORTANT FILES! one has to be on your PC hard drive. if you don’t have a PC, you should save files on at least three different diskets or zips. sigh.. i don’t know what to say…

GOOD NEWS: ranmaguy is no longer single!! WOOHOO.. you go dude!

12 thoughts on “when can people learn to …

  1. I like to email one of my yahoo accounts these docs πŸ˜€

    my school is always encourating the same thing.. we have a student storage server but for some reason, I can’t access it.. oh wells

  2. Err.. i got a phone call like that this morning too lol

    They don’t learn! We even have network drives for them… and they still have to save on floppies!

  3. poor lady, i’ve been where she has. And still hasn’t totally learned…

    haha and w0ot for ranmaguy! haaha XD darn! lol

  4. Her dissertation? Oh dear! I’ve had that happen to me a few times. You just have to save your work. Nothing else can solve the problem absolutely.

  5. ohhh I’ve done that… not a dissertation, but a rather large paper! I learned my lesson and now I save like a maniac. and back things up. I have like 5 copies of my webpages, past papers, etc.

  6. Just to point out, the other day there was a blackout in Flash class, but I saved my work. I also use the file manager to upload files to my server(s).

  7. i agree with u. i am sooo paranoid that my work is going to disappear. for example when i’m making a layout..i save it like every time i make a change. anyways..hope your doing great πŸ™‚

  8. Puhhh Dodo, I admit I lose so much stuff all the time because I hardly backup, only the important stuff… I better start to backup everything. Thank you for the tip! πŸ˜€

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