Packing it up

I am getting everything organized and ready to move. Dodo and I are finally going to have a place of our own. She won’t be back before the move, but then again I like that I can have the new apartment looking nice and comfortable for when she comes home.

It is amazing how much stuff can actually accumulate in a short period of time, and find its way into the most fitting arrangements for a dwelling, only now to be stored away again. I definitely have more work cut out for me than I was expecting.

I suppose its back to it now.

4 thoughts on “Packing it up

  1. Geez, dodo! I only wrote the “c” word and your special script crashed my browser!

    As I was saying, Andy, I feel your pain. We moved recently and it’s amazing how much c– I mean, STUFF, accumulates over the past twenty-odd years.

  2. good luck Andy! I haaaaate moving. this is the first summer in four years that I don’t have to pack up my stuff and drag it somewhere new, and I’m grateful. 🙂

  3. I hate moving too Xp .. i hate packing things together at all. lol.. you always have to be worried that you don’t forget anything

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