wallet was stolen

yesterday when i was on the bus, on the way to visit my elementary school teacher, the crowd was packing up. by the time i was ready to get off, the bus was a sea of humanity. i must get up early and squeeze myself thru the human pack in order to get off the bus on time.

when i first got on the bus, i took money out of my wallet and put it back into a small backpack i used. the wallet was on top of the two of my photo albums and my digital camera. when i was getting off the bus, since it was too crowded, i only put the backpack on one shoulder and squeezed off. as soon as i got off the bus, stuff in my backpack felt onto the ground. i picked up my two photo albums and put them back. i realized then my wallet was gone. and the bus already left me.

i was standing in the rain in pain. i lost almost 1000rmb (about $125) plus my american credit card, my school id and of course my leather wallet. i couldn’t believe it. still thankfully my digital camera was with me. it would cost $300 and a lot more pain.

so that was my story. i already got over it. i would never see the wallet again. i did call the bus company. no news since monday morning.

on the other hand, my trip is ending. in less than two weeks, i will be on the plane back to see andy again. aww i miss him!

20 thoughts on “wallet was stolen

  1. =) only a little bit longer!! and you’ll be home! hehehe.. at least you got all of that other stuff before you lost your wallet 😉 right? hehe

    can’t wait for you to be come =) i’m sure andy can’t wait either! =))

  2. i’m sorry to hear this. remember to be very careful with your wallet on crowded buses! the “third hand” is always there.

  3. Oh, I hate losing wallet -_-;;; ever thought that someone might’ve taken it? Considering the bus full with people. Good thing you’ve got the digital camera with you though! Hopefully someone nice found the wallet and return it to you.

  4. 😦 i lost my wallet on the bus once.. but i got lucky.. i was riding really late at night, and it simply fell out of my pocket. then when i called the bus company they had it! *whew* but sorry to hear of your bad luck =[

  5. I’m very sorry that happened to you – but it’s great that you are not letting it affect you too much. I hope the rest of your trip goes well 🙂

  6. i lost long time ago a funny blue wallet my aunt bought me in Las Vegas in Excalibur’s souvenirs shop, i didn’t feel awful about the few money i lost, i feel bad since i like it dearly that wallet a lot, i’ll hope to go someday to Las Vegas and buy another one for me and maybe one for you too dear ^_~

  7. That’s too bad. Never had something like that happen… worst thing that happened to me involved a child that was panhandling trying to pull my camera off of my hand as I tried to get away (they are persistent in Beijing!). I hope you get your credit card cancelled without any damage. BTW, nice blog you guys have here. 🙂

  8. D= i’m sorry! hopefully you will get it back. there’s a chance, at least, since there was indentification in there. good luck =]

  9. I’m so sorry Dodo! But cheer up, at least you didn’t lost your digital camera, right? I sure hope you’ll find your wallet, some day. Just hope. Or maybe report the case to the police. (Although they may not care)

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