Can’t Wait For This Week To End

This has been the hands down busiest week for me for a long time. My instructors at the automotive technologies facility called me in to start my work study early which I have been getting up at 8am to attend. After the work study I go to KFC and work all night. When I finally get home I have stuff to organize for moving to the new apartment. Throw on top of all of this not having Dodo around . . . *ugh*

But this Friday I will finally be able to start getting things done with the apartment. I will do the inspection and get the keys. Then most of Saturday and Sunday (actually all of it) will be spent moving things over and getting it arranged.

I’m sorry I don’t have any exciting news or stories to tell. I guess the one thing that is cool about the work study is that I get to drive a bunch of brand new Toyota trucks and cars around campus, assemble a bunch of expensive machinery and fart around with it, and get free lunch. The first day I started there it was kind of funny, I had been doing everything my supervisor was asking of me (which didn’t seem like much to me) and when it was getting time for me to leave he says, “Wow, we really got a lot done today!” I replied, “uh . . . yeah!”

Well, next time I blog I will hopefully be sitting in my new pad, sipping on some tea and finally getting a moment to relax. Till then!

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