i look forward to get on the plane very much. i got online yesterday and found a trouble member on dmb. sigh.. i was too tired to care but i had to do something. after this long vacation, i lost a bit of interest on internet. tho i miss all my online friends dearly. it seems like i’m too stupid to make a big fortune off the internet with the hits i get for my sites. all my old classmates understand more about business than i do. what am i doing?

sometimes i really wonder how much i can really do for the internet. i dont feel very significant at all.

i miss andy. he’s so busy moving now. i want to see him so bad. it’s so hard to have someone so nice as him as a partner. all my relatives want to see him and feel eager about my wedding. i still won’t think too seriously about marriage until after i graduate. what is a family? it’s beyond my knowledge right now.

10 thoughts on “packing

  1. awww *me gives dodo a squissy huggie!* hope you have a wonderful trip home! take some rest, and don’t forget anything! hehehe there’s going to be some jetlag when you get back to the good old u.s of a. And awww, dodo *pat pat* you are very significant! in your own special way!! and STOP THINKING LIKE THAT!!!

    hahaha, you’re going to be on your way home soon, to your wonderful andy, with your dvds, and stuff you got from china, with memories now with your old classmates, so what am i trying to say? You shall NOT think negatively! =D…. i’m sure andy wouldn’t want you to either! ;)… hehee but really, have a nice safe trip back home ^___^

  2. Dodo, don’t say that!
    OF COURSE you’re significant on the net! Think of DMB, and how it is like the “second homes” of so many people online!

    It has established so many true online friendships, and I’ve learned soooo much JUST from DMB alone ^^

    Not to mention your other sites like DNW, and most of all your blog! Believe me, you’ve done enough to help a lot of people. =)

    As for that trouble member? We’ll watch out for her 😉 Just have fun in China, okie? =) heh heh

    *hugs* don’t be sad dodo ^^

  3. it’s very understandable that you lost a big interest online, cuz i did the same thing when i went back to china for 3 months and saw so many amazing things. i realized the world is not only the net (well, of course not!!) i just thought the same way you do now! but the difference is that dodo you are doing a great job on web designing. if you like what you are doing, just keep going. you will be successful. good luck to you!

  4. omg dodo, you are SO smart, what are you talking about?

    All of the stuff you said wasn’t true at all, you know a lot about the web- more than a lot of people can honestly say they know. Even though you’re not some “super genius”, neither is anyone else.

    Just keep doing what you do best, and you’ll get along great in life. You can’t doubt yourself though!

  5. Hogwash! XD

    Dodo, you are such an inspiration to so many people online, including myself. You’re one amazing person whether you beileve it or not. I remember the first time I saw pure-essence. I was amazed because I think you were the first person I’ve ever seen who used a chromless pop-up. Geez, how long ago was that?! I remember I was still on Geocities then. You were an inspiration to me from the start.

    As far as business and stuff like that goes, you could always fill your sites with banners and get money. Haha… but those look so tacky. I’m sure you can think of some way to make some money off your site. Maybe try a DIU shop? Though that’ll take quite a bit of time to do.

    At any rate, I miss Dodo! I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip home to Andy!

  6. You are incredible Dodo. The only thing you do to hinder your abilities is not believe in yourself. You are a very intelligent person, I can see you during website design work for someone. Have a safe flight home!

  7. i know what you mean about the net and all. the feeling has happened to me too. no wonder I have no sites besides my personal ones. but you are an inspiration and you are significant, i wouldn’t have met all my good friends if it wasn’t for you and your board. we may not have been sisters or even good friends either. hey, i’m not here to preach, you mean a lot to me sis. just know that whatever happens online, i’ll still be reading your blog (if you have one). after awhile, you did get tired of it all, just take it easy. have a safe flight home.

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