i hate telemarketers!!

i hate telemarketers with a passion.. all of them are so dumb and they always call when you are the busiest.

this will be a standard conversation i’d have with a telemarketer of any sort:

telemarketer: “is ____ there?”
me: “no.”
telemarketer: “is your mom there?”
me: “no, i live by myself.” – feeling rather irritated
telemarketer: “oh, well, i think you can help me out here then, i’m the blah blah for blah blah company, how are you doing today?”
me: click.

if the telemarketer is looking for me, the conversation will be the same except it skips the first two lines.

don’t they ever get more creative and make you less irritated? NEVER! i detest telemarketers; i don’t understand why such occupation exists. if i ever find myself stuck with such a job for life, i’d definitely shoot myself!

31 thoughts on “i hate telemarketers!!

  1. I DO NOT KNOW why those telemarketers are always after me. I never bought anything from one nor will i buy anything in the future. they should have given up a long time ago!

  2. Sometimes you should go easy on them. Most of them are probably college students who couldn’t get a good job. But incidentally, telemarketing is a good way to make money… it’s like $11-18/hour or something, excluding commissions!

  3. they have to use the hourly wage to attract people to do it coz it just isn’t a nice job. unfortunately i dont have time to converse with them plus i never will buy anything from them.. what’s the point of talking to them?!

  4. I get those kinds of calls occasionally at work. I don’t like them either but those poor people are being hanged up on around the clock. I just tell them I’m not interested and they usually say have a nice day or something. heh If they don’t leave me alone after that.. then I’ll get irritated. heh…

  5. I hate telemarkers too, they call here all the time, so annoying! I do know students that do the calling because they pay fairly well, but same as you said, I wouldn´t do it either. O_o Yikes.

  6. Dodo, I usually just notice that if I say hello… and there is a long silent pause I hang up. Also, a good one to say is… “sorry, I don’t take solicitations during buisness hours” πŸ˜‰

  7. Here, you just tell them to remove you from their calling list. If they call again after that you can sue them. I usually don’t answer the phone at certain hours because I know its them

  8. most of the people who are telemarkerters are in high school in college. I feel bad for them, and the people who recieve the calls. It would suck to have to do that for a living. ^^;;

  9. i hate telemarketers too. i wrote about them today in my journal — it’s the second entry. it’s between a radio dj and an att telemarketer. yes, telemarketers do give up on you, eventually.

  10. Actually many high paying and prestigious jobs (such as those in the investment industry) require excellent cold-calling skills, i.e., the ability to propsect and handle objection/rejection.

  11. ugh i hate telemarketers. especially the ones that can’t pronounce your name or are mean (x_x) haha i should try one of those 20 responses! especially #13 ;D by the way, i fixed the link for dnw! thanks for telling me .. i would have never known.

  12. I think there’s a way you can make money off of those telemarketers, just put your phone # on the do not call list and if they ever call you, you can make $500 from the company….I’m not sure how that works you might have to find out from your state…if they have the DO NOT CALL”
    Telemarketing Registry. Hope this helps.

  13. never heard IOWA has such a law. even if it does, it’s hard to enforce it.. if they claim they’ve never called you, what can you do? does your phone company always keeps a log of your phone calls? i doubt.

  14. Telemarketers are human and Telemarketing is just one of the jobs out there that sucks. That isn’t a reason to hate them, you know? I get a lot of calls from them and even tho it’s annoying, I say “Thank you but I’m not interested, have a nice day.” So what if they are annoying? They are just doing their job. Advertisments on TV are annoying too! But they are the reason why you get to watch that program you are watching. Dodo, I think it’s horrid to say that you will shoot yourself if you ever become a telemarketer… not everyone is smart and clever like you to get good results and get a good job, a job that you like, you know? Imagine this 40 year old lady who has 2 kids to support, and no husband. She found a job as a TM, and come upon your site to read your comments…

  15. You are a very nice lady, Dodo!!! And I like you and your site alot. I read your blog everyday.. but I meant what I said up there ^. Im sorry if I hurt your feelings =(

  16. hey guys, am from the philippines and call centers here are thriving like mushrooms because of the cheap labor costs.i hope you people have heard of call centers relocating at the philippines or India (or anywhere in the Asia Pacific) apparently, most US capitalists have found it extremely financially beneficial to avail of the english speaking college educated youth of third world nations. i am an industrial engineering graduate from a university here in the philippines and you know what? i have no choice but to apply for a telemarketing job here in the philippines:with the current economic slump here in our country, an average college educated laborer earns $200 the most.and believe it or not, that amount means so much to us, it means that we are ensured to eat at least 3 times a day. take my case for example, there are only very few jobs available for me here and most of them require at least 3 years experience else they wont hire what option is left for me? nothing but to be employed at a call center and earn a bit above the minimum wage ($300 a month) what can i do, i have no choice, life here is hard.hell, most of the people here calling you guys there are college graduates from top universities and were among the best inheir class.but sadly, we don’t have a’s really damning.i have been searching for sites regarding american peeps reaction against telemarketers and by now i am starting to feel anxious.please people, next time telemarketers call you go easy on them. after going through “i hate telemarketers” posts i am rethinking about strategies that i am planning to in the philippines your knowledge about exobiology and physics doesn’t really count much, you guys are fortunate to have opportunities abounding before you.i wish i could slam employment opportunities just like you people but i can’t due to the limited opportunities we have back here. gosh, i am starting to miss john steinbeck, how i wish he is still alive.yes, i admit we are being exploited.working at a call center here in the philippines is one of the highest paying job available to its college educated me for your comments. any body here who is a member of the NION anti-war movement? ciao!

  17. and by the way, i would just like to add, those brilliant but opportunity deprived college educated filipino youth, they also talk about you guys and complain how some americans can be a prick, something to the effect,”these people that we call, we know that they just happen to be living in the free world.but given equal opportunities, we know we can be better than them.” the point is, WE ARE ALSO HUMANS JUST LIKE YOU. i guess all of us need a lesson in the dynamics of human psychology and sociology.if you don’t want to believe me, try visiting: oh, they also call you morons and idiots during their private conversations, no offense.don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate people in the free world, i am not a bin laden in progress.

  18. sorry you are having a bad day. but first i’m not american. second i hold on to my feelings toward telemarketers – the career not toward any individual. you are making it way bigger deal than it has to. it’s my personal feeling which has like nothing to do with a country or an ethnicity. if you have anything against american government, write a letter to white house tho they probably throw it in the trash.

  19. I found a way to stop telemarketers in their tracks. It is an audio call screener called SelfAnnounce. It requires callers to announce themselves over a loud speaker so you don’t have to get up to answer the phone if you don’t want to. Haven’t had one commercial interruption since I got it. Read all about it at SelfAnnounce(dot)com.

  20. I have been a TM for two days now and I can assure you we hate doing it as much as you hate getting the calls. It’s a crappy soul sucking job. I am supposed to be a massage therapist, but sadly there does not seem to be much call for LMT’s at the moment. Hate the company, not the callers. I hate it, but I have a 5 year old to feed.
    (for fun i put people on the do not call list at work)

  21. Lol well I guess I can start with my reply saying I am a telemarketer . I don’t sell anything but send free info about the company I work for . I am a college student and its better than flipping burgers or folding clothes all day for 8 an hour when I get 12 . I know its annoying and trust me I’m not doing it for a living but come om people .. Can’t u respect the fact that its a job and we don’t givre a shit if u just click on us lol I’d rather continue reading rather than have anyone answer the phone lol and its just a job .. Shouldt hate the people in general who do telemarketing .. Just hate telemarketing and don’t do it if u don’t wanna . Go flip burgers

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