i’m getting hosted by daynah. so will be pointing somewhere other than what should i do with it tho? i was thinking about some kinda geeklog like daynah’s about math and cs.. but i doubt i will have much to say or that there will be people interested in reading it. so what should i do with it? I’M OUT OF IDEAS… gosh.. so many sites :faint:

i passed out at 8pm last nite. definitely the earliest i’d ever go to bed in a long time. it’s partly coz i got up at 7:30 that morning plus my period had started. i don’t have PMS (at least andy said so) but my energy level undoubtedly takes a slide down hill the first couple days of my period. i have to keep up with my ibuprofen. so far it hasn’t been dreadful.

i was watching yahoo! graffiti last nite. it’s really fun. i wish some of you can play with me sometimes šŸ˜‰

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  1. Hi, I am terribly sorry for forgetting to include my patch….the path to it is here or you click on the squirrel or the link under it (it says that it’s my homepage), and find the little bee on squirrel doll’s arm or go to Domain>My Quilting Bee Quilt. And I’ll add it on 27th if that’s not a problem, since I had some other people who asked me to trade before I asked you. I hope that’s not offensive, because I respect and admire your work and I do care about having your patch.

    I am sorry for the problem I caused, since one more person didn’t know how to find my quilt….I didn’t know that I have hidden it so good.

    And congrats for the awesome mail script, I simply can’t live without it! It’s perfect!

    Feel free to email me with reply to this,


  2. you need a .net now! teehee!!

    hmmm…? any junk you want over there? anything taking up lots of room?

    Maybe… a journal/blog portal?
    using caféRSS or something like that? hehehe i was thinking about doing something like that before.

    Bring together blogs and such, but you know me XD

    hmmm? sarah’s idea sounds nice =D

  3. i can’t host coz i don’t have much space or bandwidth. it’s not meant to be a hosting domain really. maybe a clique of some sorta? i only have 1g bandwidth so..

  4. Hrm. Maybe it could be a project domain. Don’t know what kind of project, though.

    What’s graffiti? Is it like pictionary or something, where you have to guess what the person is drawing? If so, I’ll play.

  5. oOo,! i think a clique would sound cute ^^’; I love yahoo graffiti! My boyfriend and I used to do that all the time šŸ˜€

  6. ack dodo! didn’t you have all extensions registered and pointing to

    maybe you can just make the blog.. you know a lot about computers dodo šŸ˜€

  7. dodo said she only has a gig of bandwidth for Maybe use it to promote your portfolio and programming services exclusively? Because is more of a community site.

  8. hmm…. well atleast you’re having fun with your medicine šŸ˜‰ haha…. you’re lucky. i die from cramps…. and then i come back to life. hahaha XD

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