aww dancing kitty

this is so cute hehe

LMAO.. i was checking my referrals and guess what? today at 18:09 i got a referral from google with the key word search “blow job tutorials”… LMAO.. if you don’t know what blow job is, watch some porn.. i really don’t think i have such tutorials on my site. OMG…

All your dodo are belong to me HAHAHA..

17 thoughts on “aww dancing kitty

  1. LOL daynah, i love that tutorial!!! i think i’m really gonna put it up my site now so people won’t be too disappointed.

  2. yep, i also get some funky refferes from google and aol search. and i’m very happy there are no such tutorials here. that would be pretty freaky.

  3. That animation is so cute! Hahaha. People searching for blowjob tutorials? O.o; Does anyone really need a tutorial though? haha.

    Aww! Daynah, that’s cute =D

  4. that is cute! search referrals can get uber interesting! XD i got “nude skydiving” once oO!

    nonetheless, they’re still entertaining.

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