threaded comments

when i first started working on the threaded comments hack for b2, i accidently dropped an important field in my comments database table. fortunately i caught a tech support from online. they restored my database but i lost yesterday’s entry about my button exchange and its comments *darn!*

i realize if i want the threaded comments to really look like the one on livejournal, i will probably have to go into recursion. hehe.. i’m too lazy to do that so now the replied comments have a link to the comments it’s responding it. what you think? is that confusing or helpful? I DID THE RECURSION YAY! i haven’t written the readme and database update script yet. i want to hear some feedback first.

DO YOU WANT TO BE A BETA TESTER? download here – if there’s anything wrong, i won’t be able to fix it until tomorrow. i’m going home from work now πŸ™‚

oh yeah, i also want to thank those who commented in my past couple “dull entries” LOL Connie Daynah eftalia Grace Kim leah Lele Lizzy mar Rita

74 thoughts on “threaded comments

    1. This a reply to your comment. hehe Can you replace the comment number with the commenters name Dodo? Or maybe space the reply in a bit? I like it though, you rock Dodo!

  1. wow, stop stretching my poor comments area.. i think three levels of threading is probably good enough for daily usage. of course my script will handle infinite threading. it will just destroy your layout if you keep stretching and stretching 😦

      1. miki, i’m replying to your comment coz i just added the email notification function. please let me know if you have gotten the email πŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE THIS HACK. ME GOES TO TEST! I was JUST thinking about it the other day.. it’s such a pain for me to sum up everyone’s post in response

    1. sobby! it’s not working for me 😦 I’m getting database errors.. (and some lines from the readme didn’t quite match up with mine.. perhaps I am not using the most recent release)

      1. oy I restored my database, and re-tried the script.. still getting “There is an error with the database, it can’t store your comment…” 😦 What do you think is wrong?

        1. okay daynah debugged it for me! hehe i just had to remove the $used_theme’, part from since I don’t log that obviously πŸ˜› Your hack rocks! And Daynah’s sexy πŸ˜‰ You two are my goddesses!

  3. Call me stupid.. call me REALLY stupid.. I was commenting on Lele’s site how much me loves this hack.. erm yeah. *kicks self* anyway, thank youuuuuu!! It rocks!! (i even got the little ‘new’ thingie to work with it after two hours, lol)

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