17 thoughts on “threaded comments hack continued

  1. thanks for hacking away πŸ˜› Very convenient for me to now reply to particular comments.. and now have it be 2 scrolls down

  2. hi dodo! hehe, i rated your site 5 stars! how do you do all that php stuff, sorry i asked u before but i just had to ask again. hehe, im just so confused! i wish i was smart. i couldn’t even figure out my sql, and i have to ask a friend to fix the new top list i made. oh yah! speaking of that, can you please join it? i would love for you to. you don’t have to though, i know you have alot or too much going on for you already ^_^ i love dodo !

    1. where’s the top list? i will look at it. how do i do php? by working all nite and sleeping all day. no actually i love programming to death hehe.

  3. I had seen a smiliar store at the8thdeadlysim.com They did the same thing with “money” I thought it was quite nice, though some of the things like a glowing name and such were for keeps, they just cost more money.

  4. Hello Dodo, I think I found a bug. It´s not really a bug. I accidently (word) deleated a comment. Now that the comment is gone, all the replies to the comment are gone as well. Makes sense. hehe But, the comment counter still counts all of the comments as being there, instead of being gone. Do you know what I mean? Noone is going to deleate a comment really, so I don´t think this is a problem at all.

    I love your hack Dodo! I really do. Thank you so much for sharing it again.

    1. good point, the replies are not really gone, they are still in your database but just not shown. that’s why the counter still counts them. hmm i will see how i will fix that problem.

  5. hey, this hack installed perfectly!! this such an awesome tool, it really makes it easier for a webmaster to communicate with the user.. one question tho, how did you get the no threaded view/threaded view? Was that in the readme file.. gotta check again. lol -take care

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