da S’ new soap opera

her new soap opera coming out JUNE 30thWOAH not fair not fair.. remember HER? yea she’s the actress of the female main character in meteor garden now she’s got MY costume on in her new soap opera GHOST. seriously i’ve been wanting to wear that kind of custom ever since i was a child. whenever i watch gu3 zhuang1 xi4 and see those customs..i dream about myself wearing those. i never had an opportunity tho to wear any tho. and of course they don’t ever sell those on markets 😦 check out these pretty (and making me heartbroken) pictures!


not fair, SO NOT FAIR.. arrrg.

OMG i can’t believe they have some of my favorite author’s books translated into English, the translation bites but it’s still worthwhile reading for the storyline. a patch of cloud is one of the first stories i ever read from her. YAY! all of her 50 novels have been transformed into movies or soap operas. i really wish i could see some of the really old movies, but most of them are out of print 😦

20 thoughts on “da S’ new soap opera

  1. Those customs are so pretty! watch that soap wheever i can i like it! Eventhough I don’t understand the language I like to see the scenary and the customs! I bet you will someday wear one of those ^^ maybe when you get married? that’ll be really nice!

  2. Wow shes pretty o.O And I love her dresses! How lovely and delicate they are! I like how they go off the shoulder…hm, wedding dress ideas. Heh.

  3. Pretty, man! Make the costumes! Sewing is heapsheapsheaps of fun. 🙂 Almost as fun as making websites (it’s not AS fun because you can’t check email while you sew). 😉

  4. I don’t think those costumes are as pretty as other ones I’ve seen in other dramas. What the heck is that furry stuff on her head?

  5. Personally I think those costumes are BEAUTIFUL. ^__^ it makes me jealous too….aww… =/ I like the very first one.

    But aye…I gotta agree…she should either 1) take the furry thing off… or 2) let us see what it actually is so we um, know what it’s doing there.

  6. I watched some of Meteor Shower. Well, my mom got it but I watched it with her in my free time (she’s gets lotsa movies like that from friends) Those costumes are so pretty ^_^ I especially like the second and third one. It’s such a pretty blue 🙂

  7. dodo, u should’ve got one when u went back to shanghai. when i did in 2000, some of my mom’s friends told me that i can buy those, but i know they’re mad expensive. i’ve been watching wu3 xia2 stories ever since i was little, i still do till this day, and i got hzgg 2, yi3 tian1 tu3 long2 ji4, and i got half of jing1 yong1’s books, and all of his novels downloaded. i know that qun2 yao2 is good, but i must say, i like jing1 yong1’s novels a lot better. btw, i’m so into it, i even bought two swords when i was in china, one single sword and one double sword 😉

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