arg, why does this girl and this girl have to continue to DIRECT LINK my adoptions even tho they show up broken links? now my referral page is full of her sites. HOW ANNOYING!! When can people STOP DIRECT LINKING……..

OH GREAT.. google referred my site for “masterbate tutorial”. look for the referral on 6/26 15:46 pm. the worst is they spelled “masturbate” wrong. LMAO.

22 thoughts on “STOP DIRECT LINKING

  1. Oh my gosh! I am soooo sorry! I am new at this, and i had no clue what direct linking was! I am sooooo sorry! I have taken the pics of my site! Sooooo Sorry!

    1. hey that’s cool. you took them off. if you want, you can right click on the images -> save picture as. and you should link all your adoptioins to their respective makers.

  2. hehe, and the funny thing is the link to that “masterbate” tutorial was the theme set thing, and it was setting his theme to “soft” xD That cheered up my day

      1. this is a google search to help with preventing direct linking try them out im not very tech knowledgable but you probally understand what infos the site have.

  3. is so annoying being dealing with copycats…this girl doesn’t have any excuse…direct linking is stealing MONEY from the owner…and obviously this girl is a copycat…all of her adoptions are Lani’s work…she put in her page “made by Lani” but not any link to her site…i hate when this things happen…

  4. Dodo, you should make it so that you get a message whenever you direct link. Like what angelfire does.

    About the masterbate… masturbate however its spelt. That’s funny. And to all you other people ITS NOT PERVERTED!! You’re not perverted if you do it. It’s not like you’re telling the world or atleast you don’t know you are.

    1. Of course not. Heheh, but you have to wonder if someone’s looking for the tutorial just for a few “free pics”, if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hi there! It has been a long time since my last visit here^_^. Well, I was busy – you know those graduation things.
    Just a reminder – another update of

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