butterfly cross-stitch and cam

andy has been playing final fantasy 7 all weekend so i didn’t get to use the computer much. instead i worked on my new cross stitch πŸ™‚ i’m happy with the result. i’m about 40% done. that’s not bad for having only worked on it for a week. i added a page under mistress section about cross-stitch.. i just listed some tips i learned from my works. if you ever wish to start working on a cross-stitch, maybe they will come in handy.

concerning my cam, i will take al’s tip. tomorrow i will go to bestbuy to get a new smart media card and see if that fixs the problem or not. if it does, then i will order a new one online and return the one from bestbuy to save money. hopefully the card is the problem. *prays*

time for my weekly commenter pluggin: Al amanda Amy Andrea Angel Girl annaa ayaki christina cyn Daynah Desiree dianna Dn ecila Eve felisha Gemini Grace ini JadeJewel Jean-Philippe jessica jessie jo jon judy Karen Karrie Kat kir kozzi Kris Lauren Leslie Linda Lizzy Louise mar Marya Michelle Molly nikkiana Pang Peter Priyanka Rachel remka Rilla Ryo Shellie Shia Stacey stefunnie Stephanie Steppy Su Teya vera veronica Vicky von Yi Yi

17 thoughts on “butterfly cross-stitch and cam

  1. I’ve always wanted to learn how to cross-stitch. My aunt used to do it a lot.. I have one she made for me when I was 10 πŸ˜€

  2. I once tried to learn cross-stitch, but all I could do was a half butterfly and the letter ‘M’. I didn’t know it had this name in English, here we call it ‘stitch x’! ^_^

  3. i used ur commenter plug hack, messed me up for a while, but i got it. good deal. thanx for the plug!

  4. I did somethting similar to cross stitching all the time when I was young, but then we moved so much that I really never got back to doing it again. I But this is inspiring, I want to start again because it was so relaxing, yet I always left them half way done πŸ˜› The butterflies are beautiful though!

  5. wow! how pretty! ^____^ i would never have the patients to do something like that (so time consuming) XD… knowing myself, i’ll spend the time sleeping then cross-stitching.. lol! but it does look very cool πŸ™‚

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