sunshine bear for veronica!

this is for you! veronica!
i went to walmart right after work and i was lucky to find that they still have a couple of jumbo carebears left. i picked the best one which is this sunshine bear. i hope you will like it. i will get it shipped ASAP 🙂 i hope i cheered you up.. coz something sad is happening to your life. but you are so nice you really deserve better. LOVE YOU!!

32 thoughts on “sunshine bear for veronica!

      1. OH MY GOD!!!! i’m the last one to notice this o_O* anyways….THANKSSSS A LOOOOOOTTT!!! you’re the bestest from all around! the only sunshine friend to me is…YOU! 😉 thanks…..

  1. I used to love that cartoon when I was younger. My friends think I’m crazy because I’m the only one who remembers. I brought the DVD for my little sisters. One of them loved it, the other called me “old school”. I was like WTF? I’m only 16!! 🙂

    1. Okay, that sounded much too rude… I was just trying to make a point there, not be mean or anything, cause I like this site l0ts.

    2. it’s supposed to be but the new blog entries don’t validate.. too lazy to fix. view a different page. btw, how many pages out there that has the sign are truly validated? i think it’s more like when you first put it up the page is validated. not even this!.

      1. I always try to validate my site… Though sometimes it doesn’t work very good and I give up and plaster it all as HTML. 😉

        1. the theme clean should now validate. i changed the url to my love index. the main index doesn’t validate coz of my blog entries.

  2. That’s so wonderful!! I wish I had a PO box so I could send and receive stuff from internet buddies ^_^. I I am sure Veronica will simply ADORE your present :).

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