the day before school starts

SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!! i got a new pink and purple bag which i absolutely LOVE!! It only cost $10 at KOHL’S. I need to show you a picture after I got my camera which is some time next week.

OH lele always has a way to crack me up. check out jenn and lele’s new soul touching moment LMAO

i’m on a postcard sending spree. finally i can get rid of all those cheapo univeristy of iowa postcards *cough* i mean getting in touch with numerous lovable online friends by handwritten sentiments.

massive commenters plug since i don’t remember when was the last time i plugged my commenters so here are all the commenters from the last 20 entries. they all rock!!
Adri Alexis allie andrea Angel Girl Anjana Anna annia Annie Arwen Aura Bobbi Brenda Bubs bw_inc Ceres chloe Christina Christine Connie Cooky Crystal Daynah donny ebony ecila emillie Emily felisha Gaile Garland gemini Grace Heidi Hikaru Iris isabel Jen jenn Jessica jessie Jessy Josie Karrie Kat Kayla Kiki kozzi Kris Krissy Kristine Laecii Lauren (Mitsuko) leah Leslie loudly Mariela Marya Mel Michelle Mike Miki Mitsuko Molly mtwib Nadine natasja Niki Niya pei Peter rachel Rilla Rosemarie Sarah Shae Sierra Stacey Stephanie Susan Tia Valerie vera Veronica Yika Yoshi Ayarane

9 thoughts on “the day before school starts

  1. aw have fun at school! lol i can’t believe im actually jealous that someone’s starting school earlier than me…lol crazy huh? haha well hope school starts off on a good note for you dodo 🙂

  2. Blah, my school started too this week, it’s not very different from the previous year 0.o I hope you have fun at yours and thank you for the plug 😉

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