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school has been going great. in our perl class, we soon will be finishing the lessons on perl programming and dive into a research for the rest of the semester. i can basically do anything internet related research using perl. one of my ideas my professor liked is trying to research what kind of blog entries on personal blogs attract comments. for this, i will need quite some data to work with. i emailed livejournal if they’d give me a stats of the top 500 most commented entries. it seems they don’t have that available and is unwilling to provide any help *shurg* i guess i will just have to build my own survey for all people who own a personal blog πŸ™‚

something pretty interesting i learned today from my professor. of course you might already know this. i’ve just been doing something quite dumb this whole time.

my email to the professor:

Hi Professor
I see you take a lot of screen shots of your programs. For all this time, I always have to crop to get the outline of a program with a graphic software from the screen shot of the entire screen. is there an easier way to do it? like just get the outline of the one program that’s active instead of getting the entire screen without cropping? Thanks XP

the reply i got:

Yep, On a windows machine if you simply hit the PrtSc (print screen) button, usually near the top to the right of the function keys. If you want only a single window, you can use Alt-PrtSc. The commands copy bmp file (bitmap image) of either the whole screen or an individual window to the clip board. You can then past it into applications such as Word, or PowerPoint. That help?

hehe that was very helpful πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “grad research

  1. That sounds like an interesting research project. Good luck with that. ^^ Wonder what the results will look like!

    Btw, thanks for the comment at I haven’t had a look at it through Mozilla – only IE6, 5.5 and Netscape 7. It seems to cut off in Netscape 7 too. Looking at your Foody theme, some of the images are misaligned for me – did you design it, previewing with Mozilla? 😦 Maybe IE and Moz/NS7 don’t handle their things in the same way. So much for standards. πŸ˜‰

    1. yes of course i previewed it in mozilla. as stated at the beginning of the webpage. it looks fine for me. in all the browers i tested .. but i use mozilla1.4.. maybe it doesn’t look good in older versions? well i’m helpless then.

  2. Hehe, oops. Yep, I read that when I first saw Foody, but since forgot. Yeah, maybe… I’m not sure. I do all my previewing in IE6, as I don’t have Moz. Thanks for letting me know. ^^; Do you have any tips?

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