wtf?! growing sweater?!

earlier today i was depressed because one of my favorite sweaters has GROWN SO BIG that i can no longer wear it!! ok physically i can still wear it but it looks ridiculous when it’s so FREAKING BIG. i’m NOT JOKING. i still don’t know why it grew but i was so heartbroken when i pulled it out of my drawer and put it on and then freaked out when i looked myself in the mirror.
this is the sweater

now the same sweater with a fitting shirt on top of it

you see how huge it has grown?!

the sweater has been sitting in the draw since last winter. i don’t remember how big it was last winter. i knew i’ve worn it and it must still be fitting. what can possibly make a sweater GROW!!!! the only thing i can think of is being washed in hot water or something. but andy (he’s the one who always does the laundary since we always take our laundary to his bro’s for free) swore he’s never washed it with hot water. i really don’t know ;_; later he tried cheer me up by saying the sweater must be jealous that i was too cute. so it grew so that i can no longer wear it. oh god. the worst is that it’s not the only one that grew, this pretty sweater i got earlier this year had grown too but not as much. WOAH!!!! SO NOT FAIR.. WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THAT! my poor clothes. i don’t have that many to begin with 😦

on a happier note, my dad’s back from china! i was excited to try out a few shirts he was going to bring me. the stupid airline misplaced one of his baggages! so only one arrived. all i got are these:

click to view the photo

not too sappy. still cheered me up. check it otu, the transparent bra straps have HELLOKITTY on it. haha i didn’t know hellokitty is also associated with bra straps production. talking about the peanut butter, here’s a traditional chinese dorky story for you. our family is addicted to shanghai leng mian and the peanut butter here has too much butter and it becomes extremely sticky when you mix it with cold noodle. since the leng mian i had eaten in shanghai never had this problem, i suggested my dad to look for some CHINESE PEANUT BUTTER. so he did. he went to the super market in china and grabbed “SKIPPY” peanut butter. he thought it looked good. but not til he came back here could he find out that’s AN AMERICAN BRAND. LMAO!!

29 thoughts on “wtf?! growing sweater?!

  1. That’s a thought. :\ Maybe the weather got to it? One of my favourite pairs of pants suddenly grew MASSIVE, and I suspect it was because of the humidity. What’s the climate like in Iowa??

  2. Your sweater got bigger, don’t worry, at least you can wear it when you’re older! My parents shrink my clothes so I can never wear then again XP Wow, you got so much cute stuff from China!

  3. LOL… I totally feel for ya on the sweater deal. I evidently lost weight b/c all of my clothes are too big for me now!

    By the way, I love the new theme. I recently made a tableless CSS layout. It aggravated me so bad that I vowed never to touch it again hehe πŸ˜‰

    Hope all is well with you! By the way, your boyfriend is quite handsome πŸ˜€ Have a great week.

  4. Hmm… I suggest washing your overgrown jacket with cold water. It may make it shrink back to its original size. Knitted wear tends to “grow” over time, especially when they are worn often…
    Loads of cute stuff you have got there! It has been almost 2 years since I’ve last been to Shanghai. I miss that place a lot, especially all the shopping… :p

  5. Ohhh pirated DVDs! Haha, that looks just like the loot that my dad brings home from his business trips in China. Hmm I should compile of what new movies I want since he’s there right now. China its all about pirated DVDs, pirated CDs, and miscellaenous stuffs, and Taiwan, it’s all about the delicious food (boxful).

  6. I am sorry Dodo. The sweater does look really nice! Normally wool things shrink when you wash them, so maybe when you wash it again, it will fit again! πŸ˜€

  7. Hmm, amybe you’ve lost weight? At least you can still wear it around the house, it looks so comfy! ^_^

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you (x98358693) for writing the commenter plug hack thinger for b2, it’s so handy!

  8. Hey dodo. I know you probably dont have time for questions like this but… how does this – read more – thing work. I tried it on my site but it wont work. I just get a blank page 😦 Its okay if you cant help. Thanks anyways.

  9. speaking of funny hello kitty things… have you seen hello kitty “adult toys”? lol omg i searched hello kitty on ebay and came across one! (a long time ago, i tried now and don’t see any)

  10. *nods* isn’t china great??? you can get ALOT of stuffs there sooo cheap! my aunt n’ uncle came back during July n’ they brought me baggy pants!! SOOOO cool!! it was the newest version, United States didnt have it YET… n’ it only costs app. 30 USD!! n’ dey bought alot of DVDs too. *gets exicted* *pointing to the Finding Nemo DVD in your photo* they brought that to me too. x] i was soooo happy!! lol.

    sorry… dis is such a LONG comment. x_x;;

  11. rofl, why do my clothes never grow, it love to see it happen ;). Maybe someone did wash your clothes too hot and then they replaced it with new, larger ones?

  12. Hey Dodo, I was interested in your shanghai leng mian recipe, so I tried it out at the dining hall yesterday πŸ˜€ Well I forgot to microwave the peanut butter (oops lol) but it still wound up pretty interesting! I was getting so sick of eating regular pasta and tomato sauce each day.. so this was a good alternative! Thanks for the recipe πŸ˜€

  13. my family calls it “liang mian” and in our recipe, we use seasame butter instead of peanut. but then again, these aren’t shanghai noodles (we’re from chengdu) ^ ^

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