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in response to china’s second major block on blogging service (last time is to and it’s still blocked), someone came up with the idea of adopt a blog to promote freedom of speech. the idea is simple. if you own a private domain, you can host those blogs that are blocked. that way the chinese government can no longer block a bunch of sites by blocking one domain host.

i really enjoy the idea. unfortunately i can only host one or two blogs due to limited space. if you want to participate in the project to promote freedom of speech visit this site!

Support Adopt a Blog

14 thoughts on “adopt a blog

  1. That does sound like a good idea. I wonder if there will be enough hosts for people who use free services.

    Blogspot is partially blocked, because some people in China can get through, but others cannot. 😦

  2. I’m really interested in hosting a blog or two, but I’m not really sure how to set up permissions on my server to allow that. Maybe I’ll look on the site more to see if they have any info on that.

  3. A really good initiative, makes people feel good about getting to lend a hand, too! I just emailed for more info, thanks for the heads up!

    Oh, and wtg about your studies! ^^

  4. Thanks for the info! I have been posting about this all over various boards. Many people are signing up! This is a great cause. Thanks for the info Dodo!

  5. Do you ever wonder what will become of this in the end? I should join, but I don’t have space, concidering the fact I’m hosted by my friend as well. -_-;

    But really, I don’t get the whole reason why they’re doing this in the first place. It seems a bit absurd…

  6. Thanks for the plug, Dodo!

    Everyone interested, please take the time to e-mail us. We are still organizing the hosts and adoptees, but the adopted blogs will start going live soon. Stay tuned!

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