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the new car

🙂 yes the new car has arrived. one of the benefits andy gets from working in a toyota company is to be able to lease a brand new toyota car. we need to lease it for min. oft one year and then we can buy it. the lease is calculated from factory price (lower than dealer). it includes EVERYTHING. i mean everything from registration, title, insurance to maintenance. the only other thing we have to pay besides the lease is gas.

2005 scion xA
Indigo Ink Pearl color (or blue)
1.5L engine w/ VVT-i
4spd automatic transmission
Premium Pioneer Stereo system w/ 6 Speaker SSP
A/C, ABS, Driver & Passenger & Side/Curtain Airbags
PWR: windows/mirrors/locks and Remote Keyless Entry

new car
strange it looks a lot bigger than it really is

11 miles
it had 11 miles when we got it


6 thoughts on “the new car

  1. You got a Scion!!!!!!! Woohoo! I like that car. 🙂 We saw it at a car show. hehe the 11miles is the short drive to park the car in the lot. 😀 My car had 16 miles… but I drove it for about 3 miles before I bought it. heheheh Congrats sis!!!! I love the blue btw!!

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