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IE input background image issue

IE strikes AGAIN! Just when I thought I was 100% done with the revamp of New Millennium, I noticed an UI issue in IE. I’m surprised I didn’t notice this before. It shouldn’t be anything new. I did some google research but didn’t find anyone mentioning it either. Applying background image to input tags should… Continue reading IE input background image issue

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dodo has been online for ten years

the other night i realized something amazing. i’ve been to the online world for ten years. i got my first modem at home when i was 16 and i’m turning 26 soon. TEN YEARS.. that’s a long time. a very significant part of a life. from 16 to 26, a person can change so much.… Continue reading dodo has been online for ten years

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The story behind Chinglish

A while ago I posted some photos of Chinglish. I found it amusing that some people thought they were fake and photoshopped. Well apparently I owe you an explanation. I was reading some of my favorite Chinese blogs today and found this particular entry. It talks in details where some of these translations came from.… Continue reading The story behind Chinglish