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Got a new laptop

Christmass gift for myself 🙂 Sony VAIO laptop Specs processor: 2.26ghz Intel Core2 Duo display: LCD widescreen display with XBRITE-ECO technology (1600 x 900 resolution) screen size: 16.4″ system bus: 1066MHz cache memory: 3MB on die Level 2 RAM: 4GB PC2-6400 hard drive: 320gb optical drive: Double-layer DVD RW/Blu-ray Disc/CD-RW weight: 6.4 lbs

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Free Web Design Vectors

Very nice collection here. I like this desktop wallpaper site. Other geeky finds: Chrome’s process model explained Javascript in Chrome fancy zoom in jQuery scrum cheat sheet Cappuccino (desktop apps in web browsers) Awesome photoshop brushes Chrome indexes your bank accounts bubble breaker game in 100 lines of pure javascript code Sexy alert box (written… Continue reading Free Web Design Vectors