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another reason why I love foobar2000

I’ve been using foobar2000 as my media player for quite some time. It’s lightweight, highly customizable and uses little resource. Today while I was listening to some soothing music, I remembered back then I had a CD player that had a sleep function where you can set a timer to have it automatically turn off… Continue reading another reason why I love foobar2000

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jQuery and Tamper data rock

I’ve been working on a UI design at work and some of the build in components have border=”1″ on their generated table code. To achieve a consistent look, I always want border=”0″ on the table so I can control the table border with CSS. There is no way as far as I know you can… Continue reading jQuery and Tamper data rock

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upgraded to wordpress 2.3

I’ve upgraded to wordpress 2.3 mainly to use their new sidebar widget feature. I thought it will be overly cool to not have to rewrite the sidebar.php for every theme. However, I’d like to have different sidebars for different views. Like the sidebar for my index page would look different than the sidebar for my… Continue reading upgraded to wordpress 2.3