beta testers needed for dodosmail 2.0

finally i got enough motivation to upgrade my mail script. i’ve always wanted to upgrade it since it’s quite behind in web tech. right now i need some beta testers before I release the new version. your participation is appreciated. what’s new in DodosMail 2.0? DodosMail 2.0 is not compatible with the older versions of… Continue reading beta testers needed for dodosmail 2.0

news n politics

current white house hires homosexual?

not just that, he may be a gay prostitute MEEP o.O forward from a friend: To summarize: An ultra-conservative Republican political advisor was granted press credentials in the White House press corps, despite working for a “news organization” that existed for only four days before those credentials were granted, and having been “educated” in a… Continue reading current white house hires homosexual?